What are Wood Chippers ?

Everything you need to know about them

Many times people always ask what are wood chippers ? , you would have wanted to cut the precise branch from the tree or shrub, but you would have thought about where you would put it afterward. Woodchippers, however, take care of this issue for you.
With the use of woodchippers, you may turn wasteful wood logs, branches from trees, and bushes into small, easily disposed of chips that can be utilised as manures.
These machines are quite effective at what they do and are well-equipped with motors and blades. They have variations that range in power from 3 horsepower to 1000 horsepower.

Types of Wood Chippers

1-Electric :

A Electric Wood Chipper that runs on electricity has a power cord that fits into a regular household outlet. This type is the least powerful but also the quietest, lightest, and most cheap. An electric wood chipper is ideally suited for light-duty applications and is capable of chipping branches with a diameter up to 2 inches. In addition, although being lightweight, its portability is constrained because it must be connected into an electrical outlet.

2-GAS (Heavy Duty) :

In comparison to an electric type, a gas wood chipper is bigger, stronger, and more expensive. A gas machine is frequently fitted with an engine rated between 4 and 10 horsepower, and it is frequently capable of chipping branches with a diameter of up to 3 inches. Generally speaking, a chipper with a bigger engine will produce greater torque, which will keep it from getting stuck on heavier and bigger materials. A gas wood chipper has many benefits, including increased power and portability because it doesn’t require an external power source to function like an electric one does. A gas machine, however, needs more frequent maintenance, such as belt replacement and oil changes.

3-PTO (power take-off) :

The engine of a tractor with a corresponding PTO connection supplies the chipper’s power. PTO chippers are the most expensive kind, but they are also bigger and more powerful than gas and electric chippers. Furthermore, it needs a suitable tractor to function.

How to Compare Wood Chippers

Feed Capacity

One of the most important factors to consider when acquiring a wood chipper is the feed capacity. The feed capacity determines how much wood the chipper can process efficiently.

Electric wood chippers maximum capacity may reach to 1.77 inch for some brands but if your are looking for more capacity then you should go for the Gas wood chipper that varies from 3 to 4 inchs accordingly , if you are looking for more capacity then 4 inchs then you have to select the PTO Wood Chippers.

Reduction Ratio

The reduction ratio of a wood chipper measures the size of the chips produced in relation to the size of the raw material. The majority of wood chippers have a reduction ratio in the range of 8:1 to 20:1, which means that they can reduce the material to either an eighth (8:1) or a twentieth (20:1) of its original size. For the vast majority of uses for wood chips, like surface coverings and garden mulch, a higher reduction ratio is frequently preferable. Regrettably, chippers with larger reduction ratios are frequently more expensive.


This ties in with the design of the wood chipper; if you simply need a compact machine that can be stored away in a garage or shed for lightweight residential use, that’s usually all you need.

Electrical Wood Chipper is lighter and easily to be moved but always need power source while gas wood chipper are heavier but it can work in any location


For Electrical Wood Chipper : You consider the output in Ampares , most of electrical wood chippers varies from 14 to 15 A

For Gas Wood Chipper : You will be considering the horsepower (HP) that the wood chipper can produce when choosing its power.

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