All Data you need to know before purchasing the BEST PTO WOOD CHIPPERS SHREDDERS

In this review we will discuss the BEST PTO WOOD CHIPPERS SHREDDERS In 2023 REVIEWS A drive shaft on a PTO chipper connects to the output shaft on a tractor, vehicle, or lawnmower. They are more efficient than electric or gas-powered chippers since they get their power straight from the vehicle.

Larger chipping projects become quicker and easier overall thanks to the additional power, and because they are built to last, they can withstand rough terrain and intensive use.

Flywheels in PTO chippers grind wood and disperse the chips via a roller feed. The wood chips are discharged through an outfeed chute after passing through a feed hopper. Frequently modifiable for your convenience, these chutes.

These robust and adaptable machines are a strong way to deal with severe storm damage or felled trees and turn it into wood chips.


PTO chippers offer remarkable movement and power that are just unmatched by other wood chippers. Even better, you don’t require an additional power or fuel source.


Chipping is safe and simple with PTO chippers since they have automatic roller feeds.
The woody material is mechanically drawn into the hopper by the roller feeder, which houses a rotor drum and blades. Your PTO chipper will do the work for you if you simply throw your wood into the opening.


PTO chippers come in a wide variety, thus prices vary significantly depending on a number of variables. A chipper can cost anything from $1,000 to $20,000.



They are very labor-intensive chippers that need more manual labour than their gas- or hydraulic-powered competitors.


A mechanical process known as hydraulics uses the pressure of a liquid to generate force that drives the mechanical operation.

Gas Powered

Gas-powered feed systems can be transported using a truck or a smaller vehicle with a trailer attached and work totally independently of your tractor. They frequently come with a versatile hitch.

Important Remark

Make sure a PTO chipper is suitable with the vehicle you intend to use before you purchase one.


1-Farmer-Helper Wood Chipper 4″ Dia. Cat.I 3pt 16HP+ Rated (BX42) Requires a Tractor. Not a standalone Unit

This Chipper considered as one of the best wood chipper for sale in 2023 , A large Heavy Duty Rotor with reversible chipping blades functions as the heart of the BX Chipper. The strong gauge steel maintains your momentum so you can push through the tough things, and the big diameter rotor provides a higher tip speed for increased chipping action. Reversible blades are made of precision-cut, high-quality hardened tool steel. Hardening maximises chipper performance by enhancing performance and extending the life of the cutting edge. Air\sVents Air intake apertures on the side of the chipper increase blowing force. The vents allow air to enter, which propels the chips up to 20 feet in the chute. Paddles for a twig-breaker blower

Blower paddles with integrated twig breakers are located behind the blades and are made for higher output force and smaller chips exiting the machine. By doing this, you may drive the chips farther and get more constant chip size. Adjustable Chute The twin adjustable exit chute makes it simple to direct the chips where you want them. The top deflector changes the distance as the chute rotates 300 degrees. Hopper That Feeds Itself The self-feed hopper is intended to pull the branches into the chipper by angling the brush against the rotor and blades. Feed hoppers fold for simple transportation and storage.

BrandFarmer Helper
Weight425 lbs
Max Capacity Diameter4 Inch
Drive TypePTO
PTO Operating Speed540 RPM
Rotor Diameter25 Inch
PTO Cutting Blades4 Reversable Precision Cut Hardened Tool Steel Blades

2-Victory Tractor Implements Wood Chipper Wood Shredder (Green)

This Chipper considered as one of the best wood chipper for sale in 2023 , BX42S PTO driven Wood Chipper new and improved for 2022 from Victory Tractor Implements. It shreds all kinds of woods up to 5 inches in thickness. The BX42S includes the PTO Shaft with a safety shear bolt and connects to your CAT I 3 Point Hitch. It comes with the upper and lower pins. Performance: For maximum performance and flexibility, we recommend you operate your tractor at about 20 to 30HP and a PTO shaft speed of 540 RPM. The direct PTO drive system turns the well-balanced 54kg (120 lb.) rotor with its four 8″ knives, made from hardened tooling steel. The fast-turning knife rotor is cutting the wood about 35 times per second, pulling in the material. The counter knife setting creates shredded material from ¾ in. to 1 ½ in. size. The high rotor speed and the specially designed rotor winglets create the air suction which throws out the shredded material and makes wood jams virtually impossible. The heavy half-inch thick rotor disc is equipped with branch breakers processing very thin branches as well. The rotor is directly driven by the PTO shaft (which is included in the shipment). The discharge funnel is located at 62in. in height and can be turned by 270° with an adjustable throwing angle. The shredded material can be thrown up to 20 ft. in distance making it easy to fill trailers or containers. Our BX42S PTO wood chipper is designed for easy maintenance. The rotor cover can be opened by removing only one screw to get access to the knives. For easy transportation, the input chute can be lifted up and secured by a pin. Safety: Victory’s BX series PTO driven wood chippers comply with all safety regulations and are CE certified.

BrandVictory Tractor
Weight430 lbs
Capacity Diameter5 Inch
Drive TypePTO
PTO Operating Speed540 RPM
Rotor Diameter26 Inch
PTO Knivesfour 8″ knives, made from hardened tooling
PTO Drive Weight120 lbs
Tractor Recommendation18-40HP

3-Value-Leader 3pt Wood Chipper 5″ Dia. Cat.I 3pt 16HP+ Rated (VL-WCX5) Requires a Tractor. Not a standalone Unit

This Chipper considered as one of the best wood chipper for sale in 2023 ,The VL-WCX5 Wood Chipper is a fantastic and trustworthy wood chipper for branches up to 5″ in diameter. It functions effectively with tractors of 15 to 50 horsepower thanks to the strong flywheel that has air paddles and twig breakers. The maximum diameter/length of materials that can be chipped by tractors with less than 25 horsepower may need to be adjusted, depending on how much material is being placed into the feed chute at once and how much is being chipped. – With the attached driveline, this chipper has a direct connection to the flywheel. – This device outperforms other BX42 replicas with flywheels that weigh only 75–80 lbs thanks to our sturdy 115 lb flywheel.

The flywheel contains four 8s “knives (made from hardened tool steel). – The knives are easily replaceable, reversible, and/or sharpenable. – The flywheel blades are cut by the bed blade knife, which cuts material up to 5” in diameter. – The PTO speed of 540 RPM generates air suction that tosses the chips and prevents chip jams in the bell housing. –
The discharge funnel is 58 inches tall “and has a throwing angle that can be adjusted, turning 270 degrees. Chips cannot be thrown in the direction of the operator. – Material that has been chipped can be thrown up to 25′ The WCX5 is made to be simple to maintain. One bolt needs to be removed in order to access the flywheel cover.

Weight465 lbs
Capacity Diameter5 Inch
Drive TypePTO
PTO Operating Speed540 RPM
Rotor Diameter25 Inch
PTO Bed Blades1 Reversible
PTO Cutting Blades4 Reversible
Tractor Recommendation18 HP

4-Titan Attachments 4″ Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher, Up to 40HP, 25″ Rotor, 3 PT

This Chipper considered as one of the best wood chipper for sale in 2023 , Exit Chute Adjustable: The exit chute is completely adjustable. You may control the direction of the chips as they leave the machine after processing thanks to this feature. Making Your Operations And Cleanup Processes Safer, Quicker, and Easier Than They Would Be Otherwise.
Suitable For 40 HP Tractors: Self-feeding wood chippers are incredibly versatile and work with most tractors up to 40 horsepower. This indicates that you can use it with the majority of models from major brands. This wood chipper accepts whole trees and is simple to mount. This Attachment as a Whole Weighs 431 Pounds.
Simple Operation And Transportation: Integrated For Simple Transport And Operation With A Tractor’s 3 Point Hitch System And Pto. By doing away with the requirement for additional attachments and motors, each job is made easier.

The Detachable Feed Chute On The Implement Has Hinges For Compact Storage And Transport. Additionally, it includes a PTO shaft.

Weight431 lbs
Max Capacity Diameter4 Inch
Drive TypePTO
PTO Operating Speed540-1000
Rotor Diameter25 Inch
Tractor RecommendationUp to 40 HP
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